• Horseradish, hrenoder sauce «Stoev»


    Without exaggeration, horse radish is a national and traditional product for our country. Every country has got something like that. And it has always reason behind it. That happened with horse radish too.

    It contains the wealth of healthy elements, vitamins and minerals. Horse radish is universal seasoning for many dishes. Depending on the recipe, horse radish can be more or less spicy. However, we prefer harmonious taste which may carry softness and piquancy together. This is a peculiarity of our product.

    Where horse radish may be used? Here are many options. It is good to be added to salads, or to be eaten with bread. Horse radish fits perfectly together with meat, fish, as well as it can be used in pickled products, marinades, in different preserves. Here are many great recipes existing both in Russian and other national cuisines where horse radish has a tremendous value.

    Its taste is impossible to mix up. Horse radish may improve any dish. Nevertheless, here is important to cook it properly. Moreover, it is easy only for people who know the recipe.

    In manufacturing of horse radish we use one of such recipes. Rubbed horse radish and pieces of tomatoes in the content give special refinement and zest. Every of three our Horse radishes is good in its own way: Kuban horse radish has the softest taste, Horse radish a la homemade is notable for intense spice but the most fierce is Caucasian Horse radish with chili pepper and hot spices.