• Vinegar


    Vinegar which is as old as wine is one of the most valued products for humans. Vinegar is multifunctional in all ways, and sometimes it is just impossible to replace: for salads, meat dumplings, marinades, barbeques, home-cooked food etc.

    There is a widely spread opinion among Russian customers that only original vinegar will be good for preserving and baking, all other kinds of vinegars are just culinary delights. But the fact is all vinegar kinds have one “working” matter – acetic acid, which creates entire flavor, and exactly the same preserving qualities. The main thing what should be paid attention to is acid concentration.

    Dishonest manufacturers reduce the level of acetic acid in vinegar, meanwhile label shows concentration larger than it is. For instance, vinegar 6% might be bought as vinegar 9% though the name is still vinegar 9%. Very often low concentration of acetic acid is the reason of jar burst with home-cooked preserves inside because this low concentration is not enough for bacteria’s liquidation.


    Law №1 – vinegar must be made by trusted manufaturer like STOEV company whose products have been respected for 20 years in all Russian regions and abroad.

    For sure it is cheaper to use traditional vinegar for preserving. However the prices for other kinds of Stoev vinegars are so attractive that it makes them a really affordable and worthy alternative. Vinegars with apple, grape juice and balsamic vinegars contain besides acetic acid different microbiologic elements that makes these vinegars more healthy.

    Stoev vinegar is represented in 350 ml and 970 ml volumes. Ergonomical pack of unique plastic bottle with a handle makes Stoev vinegar easy-to-use.