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Competitive advantages

Sustained perfect quality and bright original brands, being favorite in many cities of Russia. Kuban has long been synonymous of high quality and natural products, and we, being a Kuban manufacturer, have kept this trend alive during 20 years by the use of the best of our rich agricultural region and by the combination of traditional family recipes with high-technology capacities.

Wide (more 260 SKUs) product line with full-year demand and its regular updating and replenishment. As a result of well-balanced selection there is no deviation in sales of our products: for example, the demand of vinegars and sauces is high in summer, but fruit and vegetable preserves are popular in winter.

The possibility to produce under client’s tradename. Releasing of products under own tradename and under client’s tradename. If it is necessary, we help to develop attractive label and pack’s design.

Price policy. Having a permanent high quality, our products are represented in different price segments, that makes it attractive for distributors and affordable for final customers. The prices are more competitive than majority of competitors have, and provides the marginality up to 40%.

High service level provides non-stop manufacturing and trading process. All product range is always in the stock and available for making orders.

Flexibility in everything, from the payment delay up to 30 days on down to individual affiliate programs that can be adapted to each company. We are ready to consider the options of common projects with your company directed to achievement of best results and maximum volumes of sales.

Thanks to longstanding profitable cooperation with our dealers today we are one of the strongest players in the market of tomato products and preserves. We are stable, face the future positively and invite you to become a part of our team.