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The history of Stoev Company from Krasnodar dates back to the year of 2000. With the lapse of time, the Company has passed the way from a small production facility to the one of the largest producers of tomato paste, sauce, ketchup, mustard, vinegar, vegetable preserves, marmalade, jam, berries strained with sugar, in the south of Russia. Download the product catalogue. Over the years of development, the Company has formed a professional team of employees, acquired its own manufacturing and storage facilities and significantly expanded the geography of product supplies.

Our product range numbers more than 200 units under own brands "Stoev", "Senior Pomidor" and "Kubanskaya osen", as well as "Kormilitsa", "Zolotoy Globus", "Lubimaya dacha", "Zolotaya osen", "Dachnie traditsii", trademarks of Magnit and Pyatyorochka retail chains and others. One of high-priority goals for the company is continuous augmentation of the product range, which allows to embrace the market of grocery and preserves more widely.

Stoev products are represented in the majority of Russian regions

Also in neighboring and distant foreign countries.


Only natural non-GMO raw materials and ingredients are used for manufacturing the Company’s products. The high quality of product is achieved through the process of rigid control during each production stage. The Company operates modern high-technology boiling tanks and retorts and manufacturing doy-pack lines, as well as equipment for processing of raw materials, allowing to make more than 50 tons of high-quality products daily. Besides, Stoev line of goods holds numerous certificates and diplomas, and also high awards and medals of the leading international food expos.

Convenient packing, bright and attractive design of labels, price affordability, and surely unchangeable quality and memorable taste make the company’s products appealing for all consumers and noticeable on grocery shelves in stores.

Indisputable competitive advantages of “Stoev” company are: wide assortment, true Kuban quality of food products and convenient logistics throughout the world by own and hired transport.



along with local retail chains and traditional stores. For consumers, it makes Stoev products easy to obtain.

Looking forward to mutually beneficial cooperation!