• Tomato paste

Tomatoes are adorable vegetables, having delicious, distinctive taste and form. Tomatoes contain a large numbers of vitamins and minerals, which are necessary to a human organism.

None the worse profit can be received from consuming of high-quality tomato paste, indeed tomatoes are vegetables which become healthier after right processing. All the secret of tomatoes is a mighty antioxidant lycopene, having high absorbency after heat processing.

Definitely, tomato paste (provided it is high-quality tomato paste) is a number one among other products by amount of these antioxidants. Lycopene facilitates to destruction of cancer cells, influences well the heart function and reduces the level of bad cholesterol. Likewise, lycopene is noted by positive effect on skin. According to beauty experts, it is recommended every day to consume 50 gr of tomato paste to save good looks and youth for a long time.


  • Have an attentive look at ingredients of the product by inspecting the label. There should be no artificial coloring agents in a high-quality tomato paste, no preserving agents, flavouring agents, thickening agents and extraneous impurity like apple puree.
  • Pay attention to color if the package gives opportunity: the color must be bright red, but not brown and dark. If the product is light most probably it has been watered down or by other additives.
  • It is good if a package has marks of GOST: it means the product is made according to the regulations, it is good-quality and safe.
  • Pay attention also to such an important thing like the price of tomato paste: the price mustn’t be too low.
  • The pack of tomato paste may be of any form but the main thing is the pack should be tightly shut and without defects.
  • In all cases, check the manufacturing date and the expiry date of product.
  • Find the information about the manufacturer on the pack. The best organic tomatoes are grown in the south of Russia, amongst others in Krasnodar region.

Krasnodar manufacturers of tomato paste among which Stoev company is the largest one, offer the products complying with the strictest quality regulations.

Stoev tomato paste has smooth thick consistency, natural color, rich taste and good flavor.


  • Clear ingredients: without addition of apple puree and starch.
  • True tomato concentration: 25% brix
  • Without GMO and E-addition agents
  • Without artificial coloring agents, flavouring agents and taste modifiers
  • Manufactured in accordance with GOST regulations
  • Affordable cost in its price product range
  • Different pack forms

The purchase of Stoev tomato paste is possible in different volumes – from 250 gr to 3000 gr and in different pack forms – glass jar, tin, doypack, and plastic bucket.

The price of tomato paste is the result of many aspects, it depends on volume and pack forms as well.

Its vast variety is one of the conditions making cooperation with Stoev company very easy and profitable in bulk purchases of tomato paste.