• Soy sauce «Stoev»

  • 250 ml Shelf life: 24 months In 1 packing: 6 units
  • 500 ml Shelf life: 18 months In 1 packing: 6 units
  • 1 litre Shelf life: 18 months In 1 packing: 6 units

    Soy sauce is one of the most important products of Asian cuisine. It allows making accents and making emphasize advantages of a dish. Soy sauce was imported to Russia in the 90s.

    It should be noted people have been in love with it since those years, moreover, the followers’ number is growing together with the popularity of Asian cuisine in our country. It is difficult to find analogue to soy sauce in taste and in possibilities to use it.

    Soy sauce is going perfectly with almost all food. Together with soy sauce, it is possible to cook other different sauces and marinades. Energy value of soy sauce is 60 kcal for 100 gr, it doesn’t contain cholesterol and it is good alternative of salt, that is the reason of nutritionists’ trust.

    Stoev soy sauce is related to the category of classic dark sauces. It is cooked in accordance with the traditional technologies of beans and grains’ attenuation. Soy sauce has a bright taste and flavor. It is just impossible to replace while cooking marinades and what is more it is suitable to meat, fish dishes and sea foods.