• Meat preserves


    Soft liver pastes won't leave you indifferent!

    Liver paste looks yummy, it is tasty and healthy. The product is ready to consume, used as a quick meal or for purposes of cooking different dishes. Paste is simply impossible to replace in trips or tours, on the nature picnics, it diversities any celebration menu and makes breakfast not only tasty and nutritious but also healthy. Stoev company offers to buy paste in the range: made of chicken, goose, beef and turkey liver.

    Why it is worth saying "YES" to our pastes?

    Pastes have a wide range of advantages:

    • Perfect home taste and soft consistence. Pastes are made of local organic high-quality ingredients.
    • Health benefit. Paste contains a lot of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, so life important for organism. Besides, the product is easily absorbed, especially it concerns the delicatessen paste made of beef liver.
    • Wide high-demand product range. Both the followers of traditional taste and followers of delicacy will be delighted with it.
    • Ergonomic pack. The buying of paste is possible both in little easy trays made of silver paper with tough top and in traditional tins.
    • Possibility of storage and transportation. Tough pack and strict adherence of production technology allow keeping preserves 2 years without fridge (in tin – 3 years), free of losing taste and external good view.
    • Attractive price at this product category. Wholesale purchase of paste means to buy high demand product on the favourable terms.