• Vegetables preserves

At modern pace of life, vegetable preserves are the products that one can hardly do without in the kitchen. High-quality preserves contains many vitamins and useful minerals. And a lot of vegetables are digested better after heat-treatment than in fresh way. Even though semi-products are possible to be made on one’s own, but more often, people don’t have time for it. So, let us make clear, how to buy vegetable preserves of high-quality?

Choose preserves right

Use few tips to buy a truly qualitative product:

1.Ingredients. The label must be free of:

  • color agents
  • thickening agent
  • conserving agents
  • flavor agents
  • any other foreign agents.

2.Color. The color of qualitative vegetable preserves looks natural. Non-natural bright or, vice versa, too weak color may mean the addition of color agents.

3.GOST marking. It points out the product safety and quality, going along with strict requirements of GOST.

4.Mention of shelf life. Pay attention at the manufacturing date and at the expiration date of product: first of all, it must be clearly written on a pack, secondly, if the purchase date is close to the manufacturing date, purchased vegetables or preserves with it will be fresher and for sure, you shouldn’t buy product with shelf life expired. As a rule, vegetables are preserved in summer and in autumn. If you meet winter or spring manufacturing date, most probably, the product is made not of fresh but of modified raw materials (for instance, frozen or sublimated).

5.Condition of the pack and appearance of the product ( if it is available to see). Vegetables should be smooth, sauce should be clear (if it is brine) or of natural color (if it is juice). Do not buy preserves in a damaged or permeable packing, with a damaged or badly glued unreadable label.

6. Manufacturer. Get a look at the details about manufacturing place: it will be good if it is situated in a region where the used vegetables are cultivated. For instance, Krasnodar region is the leader in cultivation of green peas and its preserving. Reputation of the producer is important as well: find opinions in Internet about vegetable preserves manufactured under its own trademark.


While buying products for family, for café or restraunt kitchen, for store, choose a trusted supplier. Stoev company offers to buy vegetable preserves by wholesale, produced in accordance with strict GOST quality standarts. Advantages of Stoev products:

1. Wide product range meets the requirements of traditional cuisine followers and of gastronomes:

  • Aromatic, crispy gherkins made by recipe of grandmother. ancient recipes
  • Kuban juicy red-ripe tomatoes
  • Green peas, beans and sweet corn
  • True squash spread reminding the “childhood taste”
  • Black and green olives: whole and pitted, stuffed and cut.
  • Mushrooms
  • Vegetable appetizers: vegetable stew, solyanka, mix of cabbage leaves, rice and vegetables, beans with mushrooms, eggplants, lecho ( bell pepper in tomato sauce)
  • Hot salty pepper and hot pickled pepper
  • Custard marrow and squashes

2.The usage of organic ingredients only: fresh Kuban vegetables, savoury Caucasian spices.

3.Careful technologies of domestic preserving saving to the maximum useful elements of vegetables without artificial agents, as well as rich taste and flavor of domestic semi-products without flavor and taste agents.

4.A wide variety of pack sizes for Stoev preserved vegetables and appetizers (from 250 gr in glass to 3 kg in tins) makes a purchase very convenient and practical both for consumers and for clients wishing to buy preserves by wholesale.