• Black and green olives


    Sangria, Spanish omelette, paella, gazpacho… and olives. Olives go hand in hand with Spanish traditions and Mediterranean way of communication while eating. Spain is the largest grower and exporter of olives in the whole world - it is a favourite dish in more than 120 countries including Russia.

    Not all kinds of Spanish olives are good for preservation. We have chosen the best of them: Manzanilla, Gordal and Cacerena. It has average content of oil, a small and soft stone, easily going to detach, tender but tough juicy flesh and perfect rind. Harmonic combination of four basic tastes ( sweet, salt, bitter and sour) makes olives incredibly multifaceted in use: separate quick appetizer, stuffing, the supplement to drinks or in the drinks, salads, soups, pizza, rice, paste, fish, meat and even…in desserts.

    We have considered so varied ways of this product consuming and offer the wide range to its fans: whole, pitted, cut black and green olives, green olives stuffed with lemon, shrimp, anchovy, salmon and gherkin. We are sure, among large quantity of variants you will find the proper one for yourself and will be pleased once you open the package: there are attractive, even, large, compactly stuffed in clear aromatic brine black and green Stoev olives which fill your sense buds with delight. This product is available for everyone and good for the time we are living now!