• Beans and sweet corn


    Looking for the high-quality and effective source of protein? Fed up with meat? Then, your choice is beans. Hardly everyone prefers soup with beans, but canned beans are more eatable. The same as sweet corn, beans are often bought both as a separate dish and a garnish, being subjected to warm. Tasty and nutritious canned beans by Stoev will be favorite one by all lovers of leguminous. It is aimed at diet followers too. This is an ideal product for journeys: it is perfectly stored even after the package opening, in appeasing hunger and in nutrition of an organism with beneficial elements.

    Thus, it’s no coincidence that the beans are in the top of our company’s sales. We did very best to make not only a competitive product, but also the product which will be favored by many people and popular in each home. That is why our product range of canned beans is so wide: red and white beans, beans in tomato sauce and more. See the full list in the catalogue. We are sure, each customer will find favorite beans in it.