• Fruit and berry marmalade


    The taste we remember from the cradle is the taste of home marmalade made of apples, apricots, strawberries, sour cherries. Tasty, natural, thick. It can be added in pies, buns, desserts, ice creams. Or it is just a good companion with tea.

    Stoev product is safety for children, because here is no coloring agents and any other artificial agents. For school canteen or kinder garden, for HoReCa companies the marmalade produced by Stoev company is available in appropriate form – 850 gr. plastic bucket.

    During several years, Stoev fruit marmalade has been included in the number of best products of its range, manufactured in our region. We destroyed the myth that commercial marmalade cannot be of the highest quality and it is considered cheap culinary food product. Sure, our marmalade is inexpensive and more affordable by price and delivery terms than other competitors have, and at all without quality compromising. This is top quality product made of natural fruits and berries, with thick homogenous consistency (what makes it good in baking), with rich taste and bright flavor, produced with adherence to technological norms. One of the most important factor of our success – raw material. In manufacture of Stoev marmalade we use only real and maximum mature fruits and berries taken from reliable suppliers: our “native” apricots, apples, sour cherries, strawberries, raspberries, black currants, peaches, so abundant in our Kuban land.