Stoev Classic tkemali is cooked according to old traditional Georgian recipes. The basis of Tkemali is red cherry plum, garlic, greens and spices, as well as inspiration and good mood. This is precisely why all Georgian dishes are so tasty!

    We keep strictly to these rules of getting tasty Tkemali. We are sure the piquant sweet and sour taste of our Tkemali will not leave you indifferent!

    Here are two introduced Tkemali sauces: made of red or green, slightly unripe, cherry plum. We are confident, no matter which Tkemali sauce you choose, a piquant sweet and sour taste will keep you addicted to it!

    Tkemali is good to eat with fish, meat, poultry, potato side dishes, rice and macaroni products. It will help to handle with any long banquet and greasy food thanks to sour cherry plum and herbs. Tkemali combines well the vitamins, tannins and minerals, thereby it is helpful to easy digestion.

    There are good reasons why Georgians consider the secret of their well-known longevity is a predilection of Caucasian folks to this sauce.